The following marketing plan is carefully designed to maintain your best interest in the sale of your home. As your professional REALTOR, I will represent your largest investment, your home, with the greatest amount of professionalism and regard.

· Prepare a comprehensive COMPARABLE MARKET ANALYSIS

· Recommend any needed improvements to the property to enhance its appeal and salability

· Estimate NET SALES PROCEEDS based on the most probable selling price

· Install a “FOR SALE” SIGN on the property

· Prepare a comprehensive LISTING PROFILE including the features and benefits of your property

· Submit the property in the MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE and INTERNET

· Submit multiple ONLINE PHOTOS to appear on the multiple list card and internet

· Prepare a PROPERTY BROCHURE to distribute to other agents and for you to place in your home

· Send NOTICE TO NEIGHBORHOOD that the property is on the market

· Create HIGH IMPACT FLYERS for distribution

· PROMOTE THE PROPERTY TO OTHER AGENTS at sales meetings and networking functions


· Discuss OPEN HOUSES, and how they fit into your marketing plan

· QUALIFY potential purchasers before showing your home

· Maintain a database of showings and FOLLOW UP on prospective buyers responses

· MONITOR LISTING AND SALES ACTIVITY in your area to maintain your property at a competitive advantage

· Provide PERIODIC MARKET UPDATES as to the activities and interest level of your home

· Present all written offers as soon as possible

· Discuss certifications and warranties which may be required by the Buyer or Lender

· WORK ON YOUR BEHALF in presenting and negotiating offers

· KEEP YOU INFORMED of progress after a contract is accepted, all the way through closing


The significant factors to be considered in selling your property include current market conditions, current interest rates, and the experience of the REALTOR in marketing and positioning your property to the public and other REALTORS.

So when you decide that you'd like to buy or sell a home in the Bel Air areas, please contact me.